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Introducing our fashion two-tone brown eyeglasses with elegant metal temples. Crafted using lightweight TR material, they ensure a comfortable fit all day long, making them ideal for any workday. 

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Select Lense Options *


   1.  Non-prescription: Lenses with no vision correction. 
   2.  Single Vision (for distance or near vision) options: 
        a. Standard with CR-39 lenses 
        b. Best Value: It offers Mid-index lenses that are 
        thinner and lighter than standard lenses.  Also,
        it includes Hard-Coating for better durability. 
        c. High-Index lenses (1.67) are our thinnest lenses
        and ideal for high prescriptions.Also, it includes 
        anti-reflecting coating suitable for computer use or 
        driving at night. 
        d. Transition lenses to grey color (darker when 
        exposing to sunlight and fading back when indoor). 
   3. Bi-Focal/Progressive lenses: Have the upper zone for distance
   vision and the lower zone for near vision. There is no separate  
   visible line for progressive lenses.  

Pupillary Distance *


The Pupillary Distance (PD) value is the distance in millimeters
(mm) between your pupils. If you have one(1) PD number on 
your prescription, enter the prescribed value. 
For two(2) PD numbers, enter "2PD" value, and upload 
your Prescription document, or contact us. 
If your PD number isn't on your prescription, you can
measure it yourself using a ruler in mm, but 
the best option is to ask your eyecare provider. 
For more information, please see FAQ section.

Enter your prescription


If Non-Prescription lenses then select value “0” from drop-down 
list for required field. 

Otherwise, please enter your eyeglass prescriptions provided by 
your optometrist. If the prescription is over two (2) years, we 
highly recommend that you get a new one from a licensed 

For more information, please see FAQ section.

Please ensure that you input the prescription data accurately in
the online form field. We are not responsible for data entry 
The prescription usually has two (2) rows. The first row is the 
prescription for the right eye (OD), and the second row is for 
the left eye (OS).
 -SPH (Sphere) 
Select value from drop-down list based on your prescriptions.  
It corrects nearsighted or farsighted vision.

-Cylinder & Axis 
Combined with the Axis, the Cylinder corrects an astigmatism. 
Select Cylinder value from drop-down list and enter a value 
number for Axis based on your prescriptions.    

-ADD (Addition)
The ADD number is optional. It can be used for reading or 
computer single-vision, or for bi-focal/progressive lenses. 

This is optional. You can upload a copy of your prescription 
with different types of files (pdf, image). Note that we do 
not validate your prescription data, and we are not responsible 
for any data entry errors in the online prescription fields. 

Compatible file extensions to upload: docx,pdf,jpg,jpeg,png

Size : Medium   ( Eye Size = 53; Bridge Width = 18; Temple Length:  145) 

Frame Material : TR,Metal

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Made in China

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