1. Our headquarter is based in San Jose, California, which is part of Silicon Valley with diverse cultures and technology innovations. We offer an advanced digital platform / marketplace connecting sellers and buyers in the healthcare industry.

2. If you are a vendor and interested in offering products/services at our platform, you can register/sign-in as "Merchant"  to submit an application,  or you can contact us at "sale@ipexcare.com".

Our  streamlining and automating marketplace processes can be very beneficial for vendors. Self-service options for managing product , billing, and shipping can help vendors to efficiently manage their sales and fulfill orders with minimal assistance. 

3. For any issues / concerns that you need a resolution from management team, you can send directly an email to  "administration@ipexcare.com".

4. By signing into the account, customers can view status of orders, purchase or rewards history through their  dashboard account.

5. To contact our  customer support  team,  click on the "LIVE CHAT"  button located at the bottom right corner of our website: 

    6.  If our customer support team is not available, please send an email to "customer.service@ipexcare.com"  OR 

 submit an email via the "CHAT" button located at the bottom right corner of our website.