1. How "Refer Friends" work:

You can send a “referral” to your friend via E-mail or social media (i.e.  Facebook, Twitter), up to a maximum of 10 referrals per customer.

Both you and your friend receive a discount amount ($10) on every new sign-up account  with purchase order at IPEXCARE through the referral, 

The reward (coupon code) is expired after 120 days of creation.

2. How  send a “Referral” to Friends

a. Login into your account.

b. Click on “Refer A Friend” link of your dashboard account.


c. Invite Friends:

There are 2 options to send the referral invitation:

    • You can invite Friends via Social Medial:
      • By default, the “Referral URL” link and the “Referral Code”  are generated.
      • Click on Facebook or Twitter to share the “Referral URL” link.
    • You can invite Friends via E-mail:
      • Enter Friend’s email address;
      • Enter Message: By default, our text box displays a standard message. But you can edit it to personalize your message.
      • Click "SEND"

3. How to track the “Referrals” sending to Friends:

a. On your dashboard account, click on the “Referral Report” link.

b. You can view  how many of your referrals are “acknowledge” or “pending”

c. You can view  number of referrals per inviting category (e.g., Facebook, email)

d. You can see a list of referral invitation that contains:

Email of referee

* Status of the invitation: Join or Pending;

* Date of referral invitation

 4. How apply the Referral Reward (Discount Coupon) to purchase order:

a. On your dashboard account, click on the  “Discount Coupons” link.

b. You can see your “Current reward/discount amount of all your referrals”

c. On the drop-down list, select the “coupon/discount amount” that  will apply to your purchase order.


The list is empty when your “Current Balance” is zero (i.e., you don’t have any reward/discount amount available).

Please note that you will get the reward ONLY when your friends create a NEW account at IPEXCARE.

d. Click on “Create Coupon” to generate a corresponding discount coupon code

e. On the list of “Your Discount Coupons”, you will see the following information:

        • The Coupon Code generated;
        • The corresponding coupon amount
        • The expiration date of the coupon
        • The status of the coupon
        • The corresponding purchase amount required to apply the coupon. The default is none (i.e., $0) 


 5. How obtain a Summary of all Referral Transactions:

a. Click on “Transaction Summary” link of your dashboard account

b. For each transaction, you will see:

                                                    i.     The “Description” of transaction

                                                   ii.     The corresponding amount of transaction

                                                  iii.     The “Transaction Type”: A “Credit” or “Debit” to your referral rewards;

                                                  iv.     The date of transaction